Self Organisation

I use Trello to keep track of things I need to do. Everything I need to do, which isn’t captured elsewhere (like in a github issue), goes on the Trello board.

I’ve found Trello works better for me for this than org-mode did: the latter is very powerful, which makes it hard to use consistently; Trello is much more limited, so consistency is easy.

Task States

I sort my tasks into different lists, depending on what their state is:

Here’s a state transition diagram showing the normal workflows:

%3 Someday / Maybe Someday / Maybe To Do To Do Someday / Maybe->To Do Has Prerequisites Has Prerequisites Has Prerequisites->To Do To Do->Someday / Maybe Doing Doing To Do->Doing Routines Routines Routines->Doing Done Done Doing->Done Evaluating Evaluating Doing->Evaluating Waiting / Blocked Waiting / Blocked Doing->Waiting / Blocked Evaluating->Done Waiting / Blocked->Doing Waiting / Blocked->Done

States in which new tasks arrive have a double border. There are also less common flows which don’t really fit into the pure model:

Tasks can be deleted at any point.


Every task has at least one tag. The tags are:

Fairly self-explanatory.


I have a bunch of regular tasks which I collected together into a few different routines:

Each routine is a single card on the board with a checklist of tasks to complete and a deadline (9pm of last Sunday in the time period it’s for).

I expect these to change as I repeat them: the weekly and monthly routines have already been tweaked a bit, but the quarterly routine has only happened once so far, and the biannual and annual routines haven’t happened at all yet.