Welcome, Travellers!

Theme song: The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Traveller - High Passage / Low Passage

You are Travellers, the rag-tag crew of a scrappy little ship, up to your eyeballs in debt. You don’t have much, but it’s something.

You make a living flitting around the sector transporting cargo and passengers, trying to beat the interstellar market with speculative trading, and doing odd jobs for whoever will pay—sometimes legal, sometimes not.


We’ll use the Official Traveller Universe, specifically starting in the Trojan Reach sector (see also its Traveller Wiki entry and Traveller Map booklet), probably the Sindal subsector.

I think this is a fun sector to play in because it’s got a good mix of powers:

So there’s lots of opportunity for tension, conflicts, and crime.

You could possibly move into one of the adjacent sectors, but a sector is big. A subsector is 10x8 hexes, and a sector is 4x4 subsectors, so crossing a sector top-to-bottom would take 40 weeks with a Jump-1 engine, 20 weeks with a Jump-2 engine, etc, plus any time needed for maintenance and refuelling. Even the fastest ships, the Imperium’s X-Boats with their Jump-6 engines, would take 7 weeks to cross a full sector.

I’ll make some effort to stick to the published setting, but will make stuff up or change things when I need to, and I won’t worry about being totally consistent. One change I’m making is no psionics. I don’t like them. Go play a fantasy game if you want magic. There might be mind-reading technology, but it’ll be a device you have to put your head in, not someone thinking at you.


I’d prefer for this to be a majority-human campaign: you can have one alien PC if you want, but since most of the planets in the region are human, they’ll stand out a bit (and possibly be assumed to be spies).

The two most suitable alien races would be Aslan (lion people) or Vargr (wolf people).

I want aliens to feel alien, so here are some constraints:

  • If you’re a human raised in the Third Imperium you have a basic knowledge of the alien cultures, but probably not much detail.
  • If you’re an Aslan or a Vargr raised in the Third Imperium you have a good understanding of and tolerance for human culture. You also have a good understanding of your traditional culture, but it doesn’t necessarily influence your behaviour (e.g., an Aslan raised in the Third Imperium is unlikely to challenge a human to a formal duel over a matter of honour, unless raised in a very traditional family).
  • If you’re an Aslan or a Vargr raised in your traditional culture, it influences your behaviour a lot. You have a basic understanding of human culture and have some tolerance for humans acting in the wrong way (to your eyes).

Regardless of your species, there’ll be opportunities to get involved with intrigue and politics in all of the cultures in the Trojan Reach. Though, Aslan politics is likely to come up more frequently with an Aslan from the Aslan Hierate in your crew.

A ship will generally need:

  • a captain
  • a pilot
  • an astrogator
  • an engineer
  • a sensor operator
  • a medic

You might also want:

  • a steward, if you plan to take paying passengers
  • a gunner, if you have ship weapons
  • a marine, if you’ll be getting into fights

These don’t all need to be separate people, not every ship needs each of these positions filled, and you can hire NPCs to fill any gaps; except in space combat where you need a separate pilot and captain, and have to have both of them, and is it any fun if an NPC is the captain?

Campaign style

At least to start with, this is going to be a pretty episodic job- or planet-of-the-week style game, where you’re doing whatever job you can get. For inspiration, think Firefly.

I plan to have a mix of genres: maybe one session it’ll be horror as you investigate a distress signal from an isolated research station; and the next session could be a heist, with you doing some job for a local crime boss; and the session after that might be a mystery, as you try to clear your names of a crime you’ve been framed for by finding out what really happened.

Once we’ve done a few of these games and you know what sort of game you want, we’ll specialise:

The Traveller Campaign

We can just carry on as we have been, with you doing a little bit of everything: exploring ancient alien ruins in one session, and punching crime bosses or running from government agents in the next.

See the random mission and encounter tables in the rulebook for ideas of what you might get up to.

The Career Campaign

We’ll focus the campaign around one or more of the careers used in character creation. You don’t all need to have done that career, as any organisation will have staff in a variety of roles. For example:

  • Agent Campaign: we’ll focus on espionage, counterespionage, assassination, and investigation; likely to have a lot of stealth.
  • Colonist Campaign: we’ll focus on setting up new colonies and making them self-sustaining; likely to have more of a soap-opera feel.
  • Marine / Navy Campaign: we’ll focus on war, crime, and piracy; likely to have a lot of combat.
  • Scholar / Scout Campaign: we’ll focus on exploration, alien artefacts, and the unknown; likely to have a lot of macguffins.

There are lots of other careers, this list isn’t exhaustive.

The Space Pirate Campaign

Mundane jobs don’t have the thrill you’re looking for, you want to do crimes. Space crimes. And what’s the most fun sort of space crime? Space piracy.

A space pirate campaign will focus on smuggling, blockade running, ship-to-ship combat, dealing with crime lords, and actually a lot of the sort of stuff you’d get up to in a Traveller Campaign, just more illegal.

There are two ways we could flavour this:

  • You arrange for a crime lord to buy out your mortgage. You’re free men! Well, except for the favours he expects from you, indefinitely.

  • You join with one of the small states dreaming of having a glorious interstellar empire as a privateer. You’re issued with a letter of marque and have a safe home base, so long as you regularly commit acts of piracy against the enemies of the state.

Being a pirate doesn’t mean you’re always on the run from law enforcement and can never interact with non-criminals. If you adopt fake names and identification then you’ll be able to pass as law-abiding citizens when needed, and so do other jobs too. But be careful nobody finds out your true identity!

Capes and dramatic gestures are mandatory. Space pirates are larger-than-life.

Long-term goals

While I am planning to run a fairly episodic game, there is definitely scope for long-term plotlines and character goals.

For example, you could:

  • hire other ships and crews to work for you, forming a mercantile (or criminal) empire
  • overthrow your patron and take over their organisation and underlings, becoming the new boss
  • create a base of operations by hollowing out and building in an asteroid, or setting up your own space station
  • be elevated to the nobility

You don’t have to commit to a long-term goal from the start of the campaign, but think about it. When we specialise on a campaign style, it’d be a shame if nobody had any long-term goals.


In addition to these rule changes listed below, I’ll draw upon things from other sourcebooks which aren’t rule changes as such, but more rule elaborations, which go into more detail for how to deal with a specific situation: like starvation, hazardous terrain, laying and dealing with space mines, hiding inside the atmosphere of a gas giant, or ship transponders. These are all situational so I’ll use my judgement to decide when they apply.

We might also bring in some rules later in the campaign, for example if someone decides they want to become a noble, we might bring in the Effective SOC rules from page 9 of the Traveller Companion. We can talk about those at the time.

Rules we are going to use

I’m not interested in running a campaign where these aren’t the case.

  • Human Focus. There can be at most one non-human PC, and they must be Aslan or Vargr.

  • No Psionics. There is no psionics in this universe. At all. Neither PC nor NPC.

Rules I think we should use

I could be persuaded not to use these, but I think they would improve the game.

  • Alien Upbringing (Aliens of Charted Space: Volume 1). An alien PC may be created using the standard rules, in which case they were born and raised in the Third Imperium, or created using the species-specific rules.

  • Allies, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies (Traveller Companion chapter 3). We’ll flesh out NPCs introduced in character creation with Affinity, Enmity, Power, Influence, and Special Characteristics.

  • Boon Dice. In character creation, for two characteristics of your choice, roll 3d6 and discard the lowest.

Rules we might want

Here are some rules which I think would be fun, but let’s talk about them.

  • Additional Wound Effects (Traveller Companion page 49). Rather than being killed outright when all their physical characteristics are reduced to 0, Travellers and important NPCs make a roll modified by the circumstances of the injury to determine whether they die, suffer some crippling injury, or miraculously survive.

  • Luck (Traveller Companion page 4). A new characteristic which can be used to do better on skill checks.

  • Misjumps (Traveller Companion page 143). The standard rules for misjumps are pretty boring, let’s use the variant rules. This does mean that a really bad misjump could destroy the ship instantly or send you 36 parsecs in the wrong direction.

Player characters

Orcan March

  • Age: 38
  • Homeworld: Dolberg
  • Connections:
    • Theresa Sprout (ally, marine corps, love interest, member of an opposing organisation): 2 (positively inclined) / 0 (no enmity) / 1 (weak) / 6 (kingmaker)
    • Walden Springs (ally, drifter): 1 (vaguely well inclined) / -1 (mistrustful) / 0 (powerless) / 2 (some influence)
    • Wallace Triker (enemy, drifter): 0 (no affinity) / -4 (hatred) / 1 (weak) / 0 (no influence)

Lynette Hershey


  • Age: 34
  • Homeworld: Orsasch
  • Connections:
    • Felix Vazquez (contact, merchant marines): 2 (positively inclined) / -2 (negatively inclined) / 1 (weak) / 1 (little influence)

Ilijah Veryn

  • Age: 42
  • Homeworld: Tanith
  • Connections:
    • Crayg (enemy, merchant marines, old coworker): 0 (no affinity) / -6 (blinded by hate) / 1 (weak) / 2 (some influence)

Astraea Filipovna

  • Age: 34
  • Homeworld: Dostoevsky
  • Connections:
    • ? (enemy, rogue, police force): 0 (no affinity) / -1 (mistrustful) / 0 (powerless) / 5 (extremely influential)
    • Xavier Echithilei (ally, scavenger): 4 (loyal friend) / 0 (no enmity) / 0 (powerless) / 4 (highly influential)


Ilijah’s Type-S Scout / Courier

  • Hooks:
    • Scout Services will call in favours
  • Quirks:
    • Ship is a bit old and banged up: DM -1 to all repair attempts
    • Library computer contains secret or unusual information
  • Upgrades:
    • 2x pulse lasers

Astraea’s Type-A2 Far Trader

On loan to GeDeCo generating income every two months: trade route sheet.

  • Upgrades:
    • An ion cannon
  • Crew:
    • Xavier Echithilei, outcast minor noble

The Harrier

  • Quirks: (see The Trojan Reach, page 12)
    • Damaged holographic hull
    • Increased maintenance costs
    • Reduced hull points
    • Reduced military countermeasures suite
    • Reduced power plant
    • Unreliable jump drive
    • Unreliable manoeuvre drive
    • Increased repair costs
  • Crew:
    • Opal Twice-Vacced (average marine):
      • Demands his own room
      • Hits 21 (unconscious at 7)
      • Shares 1
      • Salary 0
      • Gear: Vacc Suit (TL10), Cutlass (3D), Laser Pistol (TL9, 3D, range 20, zero-g)
    • Black Jack (average gunner):
      • Collects alien curios
      • Hits 21 (unconscious at 7)
      • Shares 1
      • Salary 0
      • Gear: Vacc Suit (TL10), Laser Pistol (Tl9, 3D, range 20, zero-g)
    • Krrsh (average pilot):
      • Not that bright
      • Hits 21 (unconscious at 7)
      • Shares 1
      • Salary 0
      • Gear: Vacc Suit (TL10), Cutlass (3D)


  1. No rumour, roll a random encounter!

  2. Roll a random Patron / Mission / Target.

  3. Roll a random Patron / Mission / Target.

  4. There’s a guy called Omicron, or maybe an organisation, who make exceptional custom weapons. There’s a certain safety deposit box at the Tobia highport, if you leave some money and a description of what you want, they’ll either make it for you or give you your money back. But it sometimes takes months.

  5. Miners on Argona say there’s a giant crystal covered in intricate carvings somewhere in the glacier-tunnels, but everyone who’s seen it has died or gone mad.

  6. Lions of Thebus: Lord Ftahkaiw was recently in the area, he caused a big commotion, showered people with money, and eventually left to oversee business elsewhere.

  7. Shadows of Sindal: Prince Richter Grehai claims to be the legitimate heir to the Sindalian throne, the Grehai Movement is a gathering of well-meaning but not-very-competent followers who aim to deter Aslan expansion into the Trojan Reach.

  8. A hidden enclave of the Cult of the Traveller was found recently on [nearby world]. The security forces tried to take them into custody, but the cultists turned it into a bloodbath. Apparently they laugh and sing as they kill…

  9. Someone on Sperle is trying to set up a smuggling route to get past the GeDeCo-owned shipping lanes.

  10. Umemii wants more trade ships to stop off there, but all the traffic in the region goes through the better-equipped ports at Tanith, Acrid, or Cordan instead.

  11. ?

  12. The Psychopomps of Clarke seem to consider Prince Harrick of Drinax a figure of religious significance, and keep petitioning him for a state visit.

  13. Apparently some large corporation has been pushing for the Imperium to remove the red travel zone restriction on Vume, and is interested in how exactly that restriction came about.

  14. The government of Paal is paying above-market rates for high-tech goods.

  15. There’s a large ihatei camp on Kteiroa. World governments near the border are nervous, but some are making a killing selling weapons. Of course, they prefer Aslan weapons.

  16. Thalassa has, once again, rejected Torpol’s request for genetic material from their floating plant-cities, which the Provosts of Torpol want to replicate. Unofficially, Torpol would pay a lot for seeds and information, and even more for the famous Thalassan geneticist Dr. Thorkan.

  17. There’s a mad scientist on Exocet who thinks he can shut down the planet’s volcanoes, making the terraforming go much faster, with high-yield atomic bombs. Which are incredibly illegal in all civilised space.


  • The Hierate has taken the Glorious Empire worlds of Keawoaw and Alr.

  • There have been protests by the human population of Hradus against the Imperium’s technology restrictions, claiming that the Aslan population have proven themselves honourable and trustworthy time and time again over the centuries. The Aslan themselves have not become involved.

  • A noble son in his yacht went missing on the way to Vume, Cr100,000 reward for information, Cr200,000 for finding and returning it.

  • The royal house of the Sindalian Empire never went extinct. The current Emperor of Sindal and Protector of the Reach still lives on the old capital world of Noricum and gives the Imperial Blessing of the Star Dragon to all who perform a service for him.

  • A new archaeological site has been found at Vume, it seems to be some sort of Ancient factory.

  • Sea monsters killed all the humans on 971-852.

  • Pirates of Drinax: The king of Drinax is plotting revenge against the Aslan for destroying the kingdom two centuries ago.

  • Most of Noricum is uninhabitable, due to the bioweapons which felled the empire.

  • There’s been an unusual number of misjumps along the Sindalian Main in the last few months.

  • Zhodani scout ships have been seen in the sector in recent months. Why are they here? They have no colonies or starports.

  • There’s an old woman who runs the starport bar on Falcon who knows more about freighter schedules than anyone else.

  • Every ship from the Tobia Commerce Guild carries at least six trained marines on board to repel pirates.

  • Captain Envai’s Cavern: 200 years ago, a ship stumbled upon an old cache of Sindalian tech while on the run from another three ships. With the new equipment, they crushed their pursuers and spent the rest of their days pillaging trade routes. Nobody knows where that cache was or what else could be in there.

  • There’s been a discovery of new and very valuable ore deposits on Number One, but for some reason they’re not entering the local markets.

  • Revolution on Acrid: PRQ are sending in union-busters, output has fallen, someone needs a shipment of pro-worker leaflets delivering, the Workers’ Revolution needs weapons, etc.

Things to find in a Space Bazaar

In addition to anything from the Central Supply Catalogue and alien sourcebooks appropriate for the world’s tech level, law level, and culture.


  1. Bush Runner (JTAS 1 p11) infant, the proprieter will not say how big they grow
  2. Luugir (JTAS 1 p15)
  3. Land Squid (JTAS 1 p18)
  4. Seedspitter (JTAS 1 p22)
  5. Curas Worm (JTAS 2 p6)
  6. Daskaryn (JTAS 2 p7) egg
  7. Auwoil (JTAS 4 p117)
  8. Cat (JTAS 4 p126)
  9. Beaker (JTAS 5 p10)
  10. Preenyok (JTAS 12 p2)


  1. Remotely Piloted Reconnaissance Unit (JTAS 1 p42)
  2. Interpreter (JTAS 2 p10)
  3. Collection of historical knick-knacks (coins, badges, medals, etc)
  4. Autohack Unit (JTAS 3 p108)
  5. Comspotter (JTAS 3 p109)
  6. Stickams (JTAS 3 p111)
  7. “Go” Cases (JTAS 7 p31)
  8. Introsion Decks (JTAS 10 p75)
  9. Fancy clothes (JTAS 12 p38)


  1. Crysalis Armour (JTAS 2 p13)
  2. Rhino V Assault Shield (JTAS 2 p13)


  1. Mercurial Staff (JTAS2 p15)
  2. Bio-Gloop Gun (JTAS 2 p17)
  3. Nova Gun (JTAS 2 p17)
  4. Cartridge Laser Carbine / Rifle (JTAS 3 p29)
  5. Grav Rifle (JTAS 4 p32)
  6. Grav Pistol (JTAS 4 p33)
  7. ZT weaponry (JTAS 9 p51)
  8. Specialist bladed weapons (see materials in JTAS 10 p34)




  • Patrons and missions:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, page 88
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, “The Sindal Subsector” chapter
  • NPCs:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, pages 86 and 87
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, page 209 (passengers)
  • Starport encounters:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, page 89
  • Planetary encounters:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, page 89 (rural)
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, page 90 (urban)
  • Space encounters:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, pages 145 and 146
    • Drinaxian Companion, “Ship Encounters” chapter
    • The Pirates of Drinax, pages 14, 19, and 20
  • Piracy response:
    • Drinaxian Companion, pages 70 and 71
    • Drinaxian Companion, page 74
  • Quick lore:
    • Traveller Core Rulebook, “The Sindal Subsector” chapter
    • The Trojan Reach, subsector chapters
    • Aliens of Charted Space vol 1, “Aslan Glossary” chapter
    • Aliens of Charted Space vol 1, page 12 (Aslan words)
    • The Glorious Empire, “Glossary of Aslan Words & Terms” chapter

House rules

Passengers & Freight

The costs in the “Passenger and Freight Costs” table on page 207 are for a single jump, not a full route.

If you want to get passengers and freight to cover a multi-jump route, each the number of jumps after the first is a negative DM on the traffic roll.


An injured Traveller who does not seek medical treatment or bed rest must, at the end of every day, roll 1D + END DM:

  • On a 0 or higher, nothing happens.
  • On a -1 or lower, they lose that many characteristic points.

Furthermore, if the Traveller has a characteristic at 0 points, they are too injured to do anything but rest.


Htoua is an Aslan game similar to shogi.

The pieces are named after Aslan clan roles, thus, you have to defeat the Clan Head, who is protected by his Clan Lords, Pride Heads, Family Heads, First Sons, and Second Sons. It’s played over three phases, with each having slightly different allowable moves. When a piece is lost, the player immediately chooses one from the next rank down to promote to their place (and then so on to replace the promoted piece). Captured pieces can be brought back into play as Second Sons.

The game ends when the Clan Head has been captured.

  1. In secret, both sides choose a playstyle:
    • Aggressive: both sides get a boon on the final opposed check
    • Defensive: both sides get a bane on the final opposed check
    • Neutral: no additional effect
  2. In secret, both sides choose a strategy:
    • Misdirection:
      • Attempt to pull your opponent’s defences in one direction, so you can attack from the other.
      • Skill: Int / Deception
      • Bonus: +2 against a defensive playstyle
    • Entrapment:
      • Attempt to lure your opponent’s attacking pieces into a trap, so you can capture them.
      • Skill: Int / Persuade
      • Bonus: +2 against an aggressive playstyle
    • Overwhelming force:
      • Attempt to overwhelm your opponent quickly, before they can develop their strategy.
      • Skill: Int / Tactics
      • Bonus: +2 against a neutral playstyle
    • Luck:
      • Use your innate knowledge of games to improvise a strategy as you go.
      • Skill: Int / Gambler
      • Bonus: +1
  3. Both sides try to guess the opponent’s strategy, and then start a task chain by making the relevant skill check (with +2 for guessing correctly).
  4. Make an opposed Int / Htoua check (or Edu / Htoua, if drawing upon the study of past games), with the appropriate strategy bonus and task chain bonus.

Mook stats

Hits: 21 (unconscious at 7)


  • Green: +0 for key skills, -2 for other skills
  • Average: +1 for key skills, +0 for other skills
  • Good: +2 for key skills, +1 for other skills
  • Excellent: +3 for key skills, +2 for other skills
  • Legendary: +4 for key skills, +2 for other skills


  • Protec Suit: +4
  • Battle Dress: +22


  • Dagger / Dewclaw: 1D+2
  • Cutlass: 3D
  • Autopistol: 3D-3
  • Laser Pistol: 3D+3
  • Rifle: 3D
  • Laser Rifle: 5D

2021-10-10 — Session 0

Welcome to session zero of Traveller! Today we’ll talk a bit about the sort of campaign we want to play, and then dive into character creation. The actual game will begin next session. I’ve written a campaign pitch, which I think you’ve all read, but we’ll cover all the points in it, and some more, now. We might overrun today, as character creation can take a while.



  • Sandbox, with scope for long-term goals
  • Official Traveller Universe, starting in the Trojan Reach sector (Tobia subsector, not Sindal)
  • I’ll make some effort to stick to the published setting, but won’t necessarily be totally consistent
  • No psionics
  • Majority human party (or one species), one alien PC (Aslan or Vargr) if you want

Alien Travellers

  • Alien lion warrior race
  • Live into their 60s
  • Bigger than humans on average (average male is 2m tall, weighs 100kg)
  • Sleep for about a third of every 32-hour period
  • Almost exclusively carnivorous, preferring freshly-slaughtered prey
  • Can’t digest Earth-derived meats without special pills (or permanent treatment)
  • Social structure: families form prides (ahriy), which form clans, who may owe fealty to more powerful clans
  • Spiritual but not religious, most Aslan carry some keepsakes or heirlooms, and obey the traditions of their ancestors
  • Very proud and honourable, with formal duels in response to insults
  • Careers and skills are gender-segregated: females go for more intellectual or educated careers, males go for more combat or diplomatic roles
  • Males have little understanding of money and find it hard to grasp, as finances are a female affair
  • Genetically-engineered Earth wolf people created by the mysterious Ancients (and they’re very proud of this)
  • Live into their 70s
  • Smaller than humans on average (average male is 1.6m tall, weighs 60kg)
  • Sleep several times in a 26-hour period
  • Mostly carnivorous, also eat fruit
  • Social structure: group / pack based, with most Vargr being in multiple packs, lead by charismatic leaders; Vargr are loyal to the pack, but seek to compete to improve their own charisma and standing in it
  • Most Vargr are not especially religious, but they do venerate the Ancients. Organised religions are just another pack.
  • Where charisma alone cannot determine dominance, they will duel: the motivation is different to Aslan (charisma & loyalty vs honour & pride).
  • Packs with charismatic leaders fall down over a certain scale, so Vargr do not have megacorporations or an interstellar government. They do have a lot of corsairs, lead by charismatic pirate-captains though.
  • Vargr eyesight is less colour sensitive than humans so, to human eyes, all their clothes, art, and decorations are bright and garish


  • Session time & frequency
  • What happens if someone can’t make a session?
  • Campaign length
  • Changing characters / characters leaving the party
  • Character death
  • PvP (PvP isn’t necessarily combat)
  • Character secrets vs player secrets
  • I expect you to know how your character works
  • I have made cheatsheets for common rules
  • Some parts of the game I will off-load entirely to you (eg, trade)
  • Alternative rules:
    • No psionics
    • Character creation:
      • Alternative character creation rules for alien PCs raised in their native cultures
      • Luck (Traveller Companion page 4)
      • Boon Dice (Traveller Companion page 11)
      • Allies, Contacts, Rivals, and Enemies (Traveller Companion chapter 3)
    • Mechanics:
      • Additional Wound Effects (Traveller Companion page 49)
      • Misjumps (Traveller Companion page 143)
        • whatever situational rules I think should apply
    • Was going to use exp point rule, but training is fine actually
  • Reduction of “planning in-character actions out-of-character, when there’s no opportunity in-character to do so” (discussing combat strategy in the middle of a round, or talking about what to say to an NPC when they’re right next to you, or sharing information when the characters are not together — rules questions, clarifying character knowledge, etc, are all fine)


  • Schedule: 3 hours fortnightly is ok
  • Player absences: handle case-by-case
  • Campaign length: no preference
  • PvP: handle case-by-case (eg, combat is fine if both players agree to it at the time)
  • Secrets: no preference
  • Wounds: try it out, maybe revisit later
  • Misjumps: ok
  • Metagaming: we’ll try to police it

To-do (players)

  • Spend up to Cr2000 (out of your own money) on whatever you want.
  • Make decisions for benefits:
    • Weapon: get a free weapon weapon with a limit of TL12 and Cr1000.
    • Armour: get a free piece of armour with a limit of TL12 and Cr10,000.
    • Free Trader: pick whether it’s a Free Trader (Type-A) (High Guard p120) or Far Trader (Type-A2) (High Guard p118)

To-do (me)

  • Review character sheets
  • Review NPCs
  • Figure out the initial location & mission
  • Create story seeds for future endeavours
  • Figure out how a campaign with two ships will work

Next time

  • Both captains receiving their ships
  • Some sort of introductory adventure

2021-10-17 — Week 0, Tobia


Receiving the ships

  • Scout Ship:
    • Tors Mallier, a Scout captain slouching back in his chair in a messy office in the naval base, hands over the key fob and explains the quirks.
    • He jokes about how up-tight the Navy are compared to the Scouts.
    • “Say hi to any other Scouts on Detached Duty you see out there. Some of them haven’t come back to a base in years, but we still think about them.”
    • Give missions.
  • Far Trader:
    • Claire Waynhim, a bureaucrat from the GeDeCo Bank, hands over several key fobs in a busy hangar next to the ship.
    • She explains the mortgage and running costs, where the mortgage can be paid, the transponder, and to arrange beforehand if needing to delay payments.
    • Politely inquires what Astraea’s plans are, and says that GeDeCo has a small task that needs doing right now, and may be able to offer more work in the future.


  • Tobia:
    • Take the Scout mission
    • Take the GeDeCo mission
    • Get a leaflet for the Church of Starry Wisdom
  • New:
    • Complete the Scout mission
    • Blow up an asteroid for the Scouts
  • Imisaa:
    • Learn rumours:
      • The Emperor of Sindal still lives on Noricum
      • There’s unrest on Hradus
      • The Hierate have conquered Alr and Keawoar
    • Find new jobs:
      • Ktuarlaiaoaei (male) and Hwawyouayu (female) (those are the simplified-for-humans names) to Vume
      • A noble son in his yacht went missing on the way to Vume, Cr100,000 reward for information, Cr200,000 for finding and returning it
  • 971-852:
    • Calm down one of the scientists who was panicking about giant sea monsters
    • Drop them off for their month-long research expedition
  • Pay mortgage and maintenance

Next time

  • Come up with more faction missions, random missions, and rumours
  • Figure out how to pronounce Aslan names
  • At Hradus
  • Deal with freight and mail
  • A few small jobs in the local area, as they need to return the scientists in a month

2021-10-29 — Week 6, Hradus


  • Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei (M) and Hwaw.yo.u.a.yu (F), Aslan archaeologists who have paid Cr500,000 to go to Vume.

  • Htu.i.ea.a (M), very minor Aslan noble (an ekhoko) going to Hradus to try to encourage some distant relations to return to the Hierate.

  • Freight to Hradus

  • Mail to Hradus



  • Small, a little under half the surface area of Earth, but a similar population
  • Almost all the surface area is habitable due to terraforming (kusyuforming), so there’s lots of wilderness, and settlements are very spread out with a lot of integrated nature. Light rail systems link together the distant parts of the cities. Buildings are curved, unique, and well spaced out. Natural lighting is preferred. Herds of aua wander the garssy “streets”. In the wilderness, khekha and stii can be found.
  • Use of Boundary Boxes is encouraged, though the Aslan here are quite tolerant.
  • Government is impersonal, bureaucratic, oppressive, controlling:
    • Appointed by the Imperium, due to special status
    • TL7+ items, weapons, armour, and drugs are all prohibited
  • Political unrest over the treatment of the Aslan:
    • Human factions, some more militant than others
    • Aslan not getting involved, only one or two disgruntled outcasts participating
    • Players should see the mistreatment of the protestors and the disdain of the government
    • job: help the protestors (raid kusyuforming plant)
    • job: help the government deal with the protestors (infiltrate
    • job: GeDeCo would like the TL restrictions on Hradus to be lifted, and think helping the protestors is the most efficient way the rebels who plan to raid the kusyuforming plant)
The Rebels
  • Ghoul (6H0UL), human male:
    • STR 7 DEX 8 END 6 INT 7 EDU 7 SOC 5
    • Melee 0 Gun Combat 1
    • Armed with Stunner (Range 5, Damage 2D+3, Stun)
    • Armed with Laser Pistol (Range 20, Damage 3D)
  • Memento (M3M3N70), human female:
    • STR 7 DEX 8 END 6 INT 9 EDU 7 SOC 5
    • Melee 0 Gun Combat 0 Electronics (Computers) 2
    • Armed with Stunner (Range 5, Damage 2D+3, Stun)
  • Sphinx (5PH1NX), aslan male:
    • STR 12 DEX 8 END 11 INT 9 EDU 6 SOC 6
    • Gun Combat 1 Melee 2
    • Armed with Laser Pistol (Range 20, Damage 3D)
    • Armed with Dewclaw (Damage 1D+2)
  • These are all edgy hacker types
Kusyuforming Plant
  • Geomorphs V06, 110, 114, 145, 146
  • Surroundings heavily forested, with a clear area immediately around the plant
  • A tall white square building, with some big steaming pipes sticking out of the walls, two on each side, about three quarters of the way up the building. On one side is a rectangular shaft which looks like it could be a stairwell or for elevators.
  • 4 kind of bored human guards outside, 2 inside:
    • STR 7 DEX 8 END 6 INT 7 EDU 7 SOC 5
    • Gun Combat 1 Melee 1
    • Armed with Assault Rifle (Range 200, Damage 3D, Auto 2)
  • Hacking the plant is INT / Electronics (Computers) taking 1D*10 minutes:
    • Difficult to immediately shut it off or otherwise change its operation in some big way
    • Very Difficult to subtly change its operation, or to put a delay on an obvious change, allowing escape before detection
  • Undoing a hack is an opposed roll with the hacker


  • Scientists have captured an amphibious xenomorph.
  • The only clue is two of the scientists struggling with a bulky case of equipment, which they didn’t have so much trouble with when they arrived (because it wasn’t full of water and monster then), and which they will prevent the Travellers from helping with.
  • It will escape during the jump.
  • Xenomorph:
    • Hits 12 Armour 3 Speed 12m
    • Stealth 2 Melee (natural) 1
    • Bite 3D
    • Acid Blood


  • Hradus:
    • Freight, deal with Htu.i.ea.a, refuel
    • Scout Ship maintenance
  • Jump Hradus to Saurus
  • Saurus:
    • Far Trader mortgage and maintenance
  • Jump Saurus to 971-852
  • 971-852
    • Scientists have an unusually heavy crate, hmm…
  • Jump 971-852 to Pichot:
    • Xenomorph escapes! Hurts Astraea, Lynette kills it.
  • Pichot:
    • Pirate attack! Black Jack’s Patrol Corvette!
    • Scout Ship: 29 HP, Cargo 1, M-Drive 1
    • Far Trader: 61 HP, Cargo 1, Fuel 1

Next time

  • Week 11
  • Time-skip to Vume (deal with freight & passengers & repairs between sessions)

2021-11-28 — Week 8, Tobia


  • Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei (M) and Hwaw.yo.u.a.yu (F), Aslan archaeologists who have paid Cr500,000 to go to Vume.
    • Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei: STR 12 (+2) DEX 8 (0) END 11 (+1) INT 9 (+1) EDU 6 (0)
      • Crescent Blade: damage 2D+3; skill 1
    • Hwaw.yo.u.a.yu: STR 7 (0) DEX 7 (0) END 8 (0) INT 10 (+1) EDU 7 (0)
      • Stunner: damage 2D; skill 1
    • Vacc Suit: armour +6, 50 rads
    • Dewclaw: 1D+2 damage; skill 2
  • Far Trader damage:
    • Hull Points: 61 / 80
    • Critical Hits: Fuel 1
  • Scout / Courier damage:
    • Hull Points: 29 / 40
    • Critical Hits: M-Drive 1
  • Scientist job:
    • 125,000 Cr
    • 93,750 Cr hazard pay
    • = 218 750 cr



  • Injury house rule

  • Lynette’s flamethrower: swap to range 10 / blast 3, or a different weapon, or keep it (and hit self).

  • Spare parts overspend:

    • I think I misread the spare parts price as 1,000,000 Cr (supposed to be 100,000 Cr).
    • Retroactively buy more spare parts at the cheap price that merchant was offering (50,000 Cr/ton), up to another 450,000 Cr worth; or just add 450,000 Cr to the party finances.


  • Spend spare parts to repair the ships.

    • They have to at least repair the Fuel critical hit before they can jump to Tobia.
    • Assuming Astraea rests, she heals in the couple of weeks it takes to patch up their ships and jump to Tobia.
    • Shipyard maintenance will cost 80,000 Cr and 4 hours per ton of spare parts needed.
  • It’s mortgage and maintenance time again.

  • Give Far Trader to the bank:

    • Monthly fee of 50,000 Cr + 15% of profit; 460,177.56 Cr left for you per trip.
    • Every 60 days (2 months; 8.5 weeks) trade income will be deposited in their bank account on Tobia (there’s no FTL comms, so where the money is is very important!).
    • Income won’t be consistent, I’ll work out some sort of roll to determine if a trip is unusually good or bad.
  • Route to Vume

    • Those without Vacc Suits may want to get one.

Travel to Vume

  • Roll once for interesting events during the journey:

    • Make a jump check: if misjump, roll to see which jump it was.
    • Make a “a week in jumpspace” roll: if something happens, roll to see which jump it was.
    • Make a space encounter roll: if something happens, roll to see which system it was in.
    • Make a rumour check, with a bonus die if the PC is trying in multiple stops.
    • Character interactions:
      • Make Astraea and one of Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei or Hwaw.yo.u.a.yu interact (try for Htoua)
      • For others, roll:
        • Orcan
        • Lynette
        • Ilijah
        • Xavier
        • The other of Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei and Hwaw.yo.u.a.yu
  • At the stop before Vume (likely Chalchiutlicue), they get the “no recent news from Vume” rumour

  • Check for completed study periods.


  • On approach:
    • On the bridge, alarms blare and all the screens display “EMERGENCY / QUARANTINE” in flashing bold red letters. If an NPC is on duty, they run to get Ilijah.
    • Difficult Sensors check will pick up a lab ship dangerously close to the star.
    • If the players decide to immediately leave, Ktuarl.ai.a.o.a.ei reminds them that there’s supposed to be about 20,000 people living on Vume — it would be dishonourable and cowardly to leave without providing what emergency assistance we can. If they press, more to the point, he’ll want his money back.
  • Externally visible:
    • A planet-covering network of roughly circular semi-independent bases, connected by hundreds of metres of tunnels. Only four are inhabited: Tibi, Jolly-Jolly, Shisho, and Drozib.
    • If they come up with a way to survey this big irregular structure:
      • Low light level visible through windows, suggesting reduced power.
      • Some explosion holes: the station has internal airlocks, but at least part of it will be in vacuum.
    • A Very Difficult Recon check will spot a wild-eyed face briefly peering at them through a window, and then disappear.
  • Getting access:
    • The main landing area
    • Various access ports around the exterior which connect to corridors
  • Internally:
    • It’s cold, but not dangerously so; and the air quality is poor, as if the CO2 scrubbers haven’t been changed for a few weeks, but not yet at toxic levels. Spending days here would be dangerous, but hours would not.

    • There is only emergency lighting.

    • There are several cannibal rage monsters active, many sleeping.

    • Obstacles:

      • Booby traps: spikes on a stick, tripwires, heavy objects above doors, etc (1D damage).
      • Collapsed sections
      • Depressurised sections
    • Zones:

      • Bridge: lots of seats, screens, computers, all showing the “EMERGENCY / QUARANTINE” signal. One entrance barricaded shut. There is an awake cannibal range monster here (25% chance of being in rage mode).
      • Corridors: long, dark, spooky; the occasional sleeping cannibal rage monster, blood on their face and hands.
      • Views: lots of glass, showing off space and the planet’s landscape.
      • “Port”: (orange)
        • Landing area: a flat plane exposed to space with docking clamps to hold a ship in place despite the low gravity. There are extendable airlocks, but nobody is around to operate them: access to the station is a walk through vacuum. A few small ships are here, dark, clearly unoccupied.
        • Terminal: a large open space with seating areas and big cargo doors, like an airport terminal. Slumped against the airlock door, not visible from the outside, is a corpse. It looks like a suicide. Signs pointing the way to RESIDENTIAL / EMERGENCY SHELTERS and RESEARCH. Doors are sealed.
        • Flight control: above the terminal, a few blood-stained sleeping cannibal rage monsters.
        • Warehouse: big storage rooms full of spare parts, imported food and medicines, tools, machines, etc; the refrigeration has shut down and the food has spoiled.
      • Residential: (green) there are 5000 people in each base, so these rooms should be big and repeated.
        • Residences: mostly empty, some rooms locked shut, with movement inside…
        • Cafeteria / Kitchen: 12 people dead, hanging off meat hooks. They’ve been gnawed on by human-looking teeth.
        • Hydroponics: some with food crops, some just grass, trees, and flowers; overgrown as if they’ve not been tended in a few weeks.
        • Emergency shelter: thousands of occupied low berths, bio monitors, etc. Medic check can pick out what identifies the infected. About 10% are: hundreds, maybe even a few thousand people.
      • Science: (blue)
        • Hydroponics: like the residential ones, but mostly alien plants.
        • Small Labs: little offices with connected labs, holding a variety of things: animals in cages (some escaped), colourful liquids in vials, weird machinery, etc.
        • Main Lab: exposed to vacuum, a mysterious black cube surrounded by corpses in hazmat suits.
          • Examining the rubble will reveal that it’s in fact a disguised Sindalian bioweapon.
  • Ship’s records, security camera logs, etc:
    • Newly-discovered Ancient factory appears to be a bioengineering facility — with some samples still intact!
    • Heavy machinery bringing a large black cube into a lab, scientists in bright orange hazmat suits watching on.
    • Two scientists opening the cube, a thick purple mist billows out and engulfs them: “oh god, it’s eating through the suits!”
    • The scientists stagger out of the fog and collapse.
    • Three run up to help them, and as they’re picking the bodies up, they lurch forward, and start tearing at the suits of their helpers, trying to open them.
    • Someone pulls a stunner, fires, and the electricity ignites the purple mist: it explodes, blows a big hole in the station, and pressure doors slam shut.
    • Command log: “we now believe some of the mist which affected those scientists must have been blown into the station by the blast and been pulled into the life support system” “reports of aggression in all four sectors” “tried to send a ship for help, but there was an outbreak on board and contact was lost” “decided to engage emergency protocols and broadcast a quarantine signal”
    • System logs: unknown agent in the air detected on the day of the explosion, filtered out over a week ago; CO2 filters need replacing ASAP.
  • Cannibal rage monsters:
    • Rage mode: STR 14 (+2) DEX 15 (+3) END 14 (+2) INT 4 (-1) EDU 8 (0)
    • Fatigued mode: STR 4 (-1) DEX 5 (-1) END (-1) 3 INT 4 (-1) EDU 8 (0)
    • About 1 in 10 should be wearing some cobbled-together post-apocalyptic armour (+4 protection)
    • Some will be armed with a club (1D damage) or a knife (1D+2 damage); skill 1
    • All will insist that it was the others who killed and ate people; not them.
    • They will scurry around beneath the floor.
    • Roll 1d6 as the Travellers move around: 1 means there is an active cannibal rage monster in the vicinity!
  • Cannibal rage lab animals:
    • Swarm of rats: hits 20; attack 0 (+ boon); damage 1d2; small (-4)
    • Badger: hits 7; attack 1; damage 1d3; small (-2)
    • Chimpanzee: hits 13; attack 2; damage 1d6; dmall (-1)


  • Pichot:
    • Hide the Far Trader in a cave, with Lynette and the Aslan
  • Tobia:
    • Buy spare parts (todo: how much did this cost?) and fuel transfer gear
    • Drop off the scientists
  • Pichot
    • Fix Far Trader
  • Imisaa:
    • Hand over Far Trader & Xavier to the bank
    • Sell fuel transfer gear (for half purchace price)
  • Travel to Vume via Hexx, Nekrino, and Chalciutlicue:
    • Not gathering rumours on the way
  • Vume:
    • Lab ship:
      • See video footage of departure & subsequent cannibal rage monsterisation
      • Find note saying that the plague had been brought abroad
      • Set it heading towards Vume
    • Jolly-Jolly:
      • Find a dormant rage-mode cannibal
      • Find the shelter
      • Find a survivor
      • See survivor enter rage-mode when another person is found

Next time

  • Exploring Vume

2021-12-12 — Week 16, Vume

Lynette’s player dropped out due to real-life priorities.


Last time, you patched your ships up from the pirate attack, and handed over the Far Trader, and Astraea’s good friend Xavier, to the General Development Corporation Bank, for them to run trading missions for you, for a modest fee of course.

Then you travelled on to Vume. It was a peaceful and uneventful journey.

On arrival, your ship’s alarm started blaring, screens flashing “EMERGENCY” and “QUARANTINE” in bold, red, letters! You couldn’t pick up any comms chatter. Flight Control didn’t answer your hails. You only just picked up a lab ship, drifting powerless dangerously close to the system’s star, and when you investigated it you found signs of, well, space zombies and word of a plague. Video footage of people collapsing, convulsing, and then lunging at, attacking, eating, others. You considered turning away, but Ktuarl reminded you that there are 20,000 people on that planet, and it would be cowardly to not see if there was any help you could render.

Vume Station, a network of tunnels and dome-shaped buildings criss-crossing the planet’s surface, is cold, and mostly empty. The first thing you saw inside was a corpse, its head blown open by the gun in its cold hands. Later you found a corpse which wasn’t so dead: as you examined it, it woke up and lunged at you, catching you by surprise, but you managed to put it down. Orcan thought it wasn’t dead, just asleep due to the cold, and you’d woken it up. Later you found a survivor: heard them crawling beneath the floor, and spotted them through a vent. He was weak, hungry, slow, and he told you what he knew.

It was quick, he said. There was panic. No time to investigate the pathogen. And it all happened just after they brought back an ancient alien artefact from the ruins discovered a few months ago. You decided to head to the control centre, to see if you could find out more about what happened here.

Then you saw another figure, standing across the room beyond some office cubicles. You froze. Suddenly, the silence was broken by your survivor’s cry of bestial rage, as he sprinted, wild-eyed and slavering, towards the other!


  • Vume: as for previous session.
  • Fuel siphon gear cost Cr100,000.
  • Need to pay 2x Scout Ship maintenance.


  • Vume:
    • See that the survivor calms down eventually after the fight, and is really lethargic.
    • Find The Lab, and see the explosion. Decide to try to use main station systems to learn what happened, since any data here is gone.
    • Meet Korin, security guy
    • Break into control room, download data
    • Get story
    • Decide to go to Realgar to get help, since it has a navy base.
  • Realgar:
    • Persuade them not to just wait for the infected to die before sending a medical team.
    • Vume temporarily designated a Red Zone.
    • Get collapsible fuel tank, for 3-parsec jumps
    • Play Htoua (it’s a tie)
    • Rumour: The king of Drinax is plotting revenge against the Aslan for destroying the kingdom two centuries ago.
    • Rumour: Most of Noricum is uninhabitable, due to the bioweapons which felled the empire.
    • Ilijah gets scammed with some “genuine whale artefacts from Dolberg”
  • Theev:
    • Astraea knows the code words to use and the comms channel to send them on, and the heading to fly on, to get to the Pirate City.

Next time

  • After Christmas & New Year: 9th of January probably
  • Week 20
  • Space pirates!

2022-01-09 — Week 20, Theev


Talk through Asset & Faction handouts, and then:

Your ship pops out of jump space next to Theev, the pirate world. Astraea quickly broadcasts the passphrase over the appropriate comms channel, and puts the ship into the right approach vector.

You fly over the barren, dusty, world where no life evolved beyond the single-cellular. It’s a planet with vast mountain ranges stabbing into the sky, deep canyons and cave systems burrowing into the surface, and vast deserts of black sand.

Your ship dives down to what looks like a desert but, just before you crash, the surface shimmers and a large hatch opens to let you through. You find yourself in a huge canyon, covered by an artificial and disguised roof—transparent from this side—with hundreds of skyscrapers rising up from the floor far beneath, connected by glass walkways, and hundreds of small ships and grav vehicles flitting to and fro.

A male voice comes through your ship’s speakers: “Welcome to Theev, please proceed to docking bay 2460-A and come to the Port Authority to register your vehicle. An escort will be waiting for you.”

You head to the docking bay, set into the side of a skyscraper, like an elevated car park but for spacecraft, and the hangar doors close behind you. There’s a hiss of air, a large sign saying “ATMOSPHERE OK” flashes on, and the interior doors open as a woman dressed in a black robe strides through to meet you.


Entering Theev

  • The party will be guided by a Blacksand Widow: a tall, pale woman dressed in a black robe with one clearly artificial eye (glowing red iris). She doesn’t speak. Any other Widows they see will look and behave identically.

  • Immigration:

    • Standard questions like:
      • “Have you all visited Theev before?”
      • “What is the purpose of your visit?”
      • “How long do you intend to stay?”
    • Weapons check: nothing that could breach the environment (discovery of such a weapon will be dealt with seriously)
    • Brief explanation of the Law of the Lords and Law of the Streets, and the currency, since there are new visitors in the party
  • Port Authority:

    • “How did you know the passphrase and approach vector?”
    • (to Astraea) “Who was the captain of your previous ship?”
    • “Whose ship is it?”
    • (to Ilijah, with a suspicious look at Astraea) “So you are an Imperial Scout on detached duty?”
    • “I strongly recommend you switch your transponder to Passive or Covert mode if you intend to visit Theev again.”
  • Currency Exchange:

    • Credit chips log transactions, so it’s easier to fake one large currency exchange transaction for some backwater system which still uses its own currency, or a withdrawal transaction for one which uses physical credit notes, than faking every transaction you make on Theev.
    • Hence, merchants on Theev will only accept Theev credits or Imperial credit notes.
    • Exchange rate is 1:1 with a 30% surcharge


  • Theev:
    • Astraea’s old captain was Isabella of the Green Reaches
    • Switch transponder to passive
    • Visit The Claw, a vargr-owned bar in the lower city:
      • Human bartender
      • Get told about the 30% surcharge, TL restriction, and extra charge due to being new
      • Offer of changing money with a 10% fee
    • Meet Drax the Knifer (asset)
      • Agree to take some fake info to a class B starport
  • Jump to Noricum (2 jumps)
  • Noricum:
    • Meet Donus
  • Jump to Oghma
  • Oghma:
    • Scout ship maintenance
    • Hear about the raiders and see one band on the station trying to get passage to Theev
    • Rumour: lots of misjumps across the Sindalian Main recently
  • Jump to Torpol
  • Jump to Drinax
  • Drinax:
    • Start the Pirates of Drinax campaign

Next time

  • Week 26
  • Pirates of Drinax

2022-01-27 — Week 30, Drinax


  • Four-week time skip
    • Outfit the Harrier
    • Pay once for scout ship maintenance
    • The Floating Palace is ludicrously opulent but also overcrowded, where even the humblest maintenance worker has inherited noble titles.
    • Get some more details of King Oleb’s plan:
      • Part 1 is to create a significant pirate threat in the region: attack shipping, raid starports, blow up fuel depots; but always leave survivors to spread the story. Keep it secret that Drinax is backing you.
      • Part 2 is to make the nearby worlds allies and bring them back under the banner of Drinax.
      • The goal is to make the Imperium and the Hierate decide the most cost-effective way to stop the piracy is to recognise the reborn interstellar Kingdom of Drinax as the protector of trade in the region.
      • At the end, you’re richly rewarded with noble titles and high positions in the new Kingdom, and your crimes forgiven: you never were filthy pirates, you were always licensed privateers carrying out the king’s commands!
      • 10% of your spoils go to the King, and the Harrier is returned at the end.
    • Get to know some key Drinax figures (introduce these with a short scene each):
      • King Oleb, the patron
      • Princess Rao, the mastermind and heir to the throne
      • Prince Harrick, never the same since his resurrection
      • Lord Wrax, commander of the Star Guard and not in favour of using the Harrier like this
      • Scholar Voha, master of the Scholar’s Tower
      • Kasiyl of the Ahroay’if, exiled prince of the clan which bombed Drinax
      • Imperial Consul Thao Poloc, historian of Sindal, and neglected Imperial ambassador
      • Cleon Hardy, ombudsman of Asim
      • Rachando, trader
    • Get to know some key Floating Palace locations:
      • The Scholar’s Tower, best university in the subsector and preservers of knowledge.
      • Rachando’s Bazaar, supplier of anything and everything, for the low price of Drinaxi & Sindalian artefacts.


  • First Prize (Drinaxian Companion)
    • Introduce players to the reality of piracy (through Margaret Blaine’s advice and stories). Advice to give (ideally roleplay the players figuring this out with hints from Margaret, don’t just infodump):
      • It’s expensive to hunt down a pirate. A pirate who is just a nuisance and steals a bit of cargo now and then, but doesn’t destroy ships or kill crew, won’t provoke a large response.
      • System defences tend to be concentrated around the starport and its jump point, whereas other in-system traffic may be barely protected at all.
      • Smugglers and other pirates are ideal targets: a criminal can’t exactly report their ill-gotten gains stolen, and you might even be able to take protection money from them in response for not turning them in.
      • Always have an escape plan.
      • Starports generally dislike pirates and dealing with stolen goods, but they’ll often look the other way if you don’t bring trouble and offer the occasional bribe. Some ports may even openly defend you if you’re on good enough terms.
      • Crew morale is essential. Many a captain has been deposed because he didn’t divide the spoils fairly, or because he failed one too many times.
      • Starports share watch lists of suspected pirate vessels, so you should get a legitimate-seeming merchant ship as a fleet tender, or establish a safe base where you can rest and resupply without needing to hide your identity (GM Note: constructing a base on an appropriate large asteroid or moon costs tens of millions of credits and would take a single person with hand tools over 50 years: so you’ll need lots of money, materials, workers, and tools.)
      • Don’t pirate too close to your base, but also don’t leave a conspicuous gap on the map were someone to plot your activities.
      • Indulge your bank balance, not your ego. People who show off attract unwanted attention.
    • Practice a small pirate run: ambushing a ship, boarding, taking cargo, fencing it.
  • Honour Among Thieves (Pirates of Drinax)
    • Start this towards the end of the session, aiming to stop after gathering information on Torpol and Clarke (give the players some time to pirate by themselves after First Prize


  • Drinax:
    • Hire Shayra Ventassen (good engineer)
    • Hire Opal Twice-Vacced (good marine)
    • Hire Cerdic (good marine)
    • Take on the mission
  • Marduk:
    • Do the job
    • Steal the legitimate cargo too (no change to PRI)
  • Exocet:
    • Sell the goods
  • Tanith:
    • Hear rumour of Zhodani spies
  • Acrid:
    • Decide to wait for a suitable ship to ambush

Next time

  • Week 42
  • Acrid
  • Shayra, Opal, and Cerdic demand their fair share
  • Next Drinax visit:
    • See someone arriving to be treated for the fungal parasite
    • Encounter Kasiyl of the Ahroay’if

2022-02-06 — Week 42, Acrid


  • Shayra, Opal, and Cerdic need paying. And will demand their fair share of the profits.


  • Drinax:
    • Someone stumbles upon the balcony Kasiyl has claimed as his territory: a small tent and some roasting meat over a fire.
    • Someone sees a person infected with the fungal parasite being taken to the Scholar’s Tower for treatment: it’s a common parasite in the Trojan Reach, but people are usually inoculated in childhood.
  • Honour Among Thieves (Pirates of Drinax)
    • Keeper Malos:
      • A dour-looking middle-aged man with short white hair and a beard, wearing black robes and on his back a ceremonial freezer-tank.
      • “Half a million credits is the reward we are willing to pay, if you survive. It will not last forever, but nor does life.”
      • “Death comes to all, but through our efforts, our people rarely fall into the True Death. I do not wish those raiders to be so fortunate.”
    • Provost Falx:
      • Early 30s, very friendly and welcoming, always smiling, makes sure his guests are comfortable and have drinks and refreshments. Tall, bald, wearing bright orange robes and wearing a golden fez with a scale model of the starport on top.
      • “Would you like drinks? Or perhaps other refreshments?” he snaps his fingers to call over men with serving trays without waiting for a response.
      • “It’s such a shame your first visit to Torpol was under such unfortunate circumstances, you’ll have to come back again some time!”


  • Acrid:
    • Agree to share profits with crew, persuade them this is instead of a salary (they might leave if profits are too low however).
    • Jump to Tanith
  • Tanith:
    • Spot an Aslan trader, but it’s too far away to catch
    • Befriend Toni, shift supervisor in Flight Control, a racist who smuggles rare ore
    • Rumour: Falcon bar
    • Rumour: Tobia Commerce Guild marines
    • Jump to Acrid
  • Acrid:
    • Jump to Inurin
  • Inurin:
    • Jump to Falcon
  • Falcon:
    • Go to The Kestrel (the bar)
    • Learn of 6 small freighters going through Argona:
      • It’s now week 46
      • Week 50 (+4)
      • Week 53 (+3)
      • Week 57 (+4)
      • Week 61 (+4)
      • Week 65 (+4)
      • Week 69 (+4)
    • Jump to Exe
  • Exe:
    • Jump to Cordan
  • Cordan:
    • Jump to Argona
  • Argona:
    • Attack first ship
    • Jump to empty hex up

Next time

  • Week 51
  • Maintenance x2 (weeks 46 & 50; next due in week 54)
  • Empty hex between Argona and Umemii

2022-02-20 — Week 51, [Empty Hex]


  • 2 months behind on maintenance (next due in week 54)


  • Admin:
    • Time:
      • I’ve been tracking time when writing up my session notes, but am going to start tracking time in sessions too, because:
        • You’re 2 months behind on your ship’s maintenance. Being behind on maintenance gives a penalty to jumping, so I don’t want to handwave that away by saying “oh, the characters did maintenance at some point”
        • You often dock at a starport, but then fly out to a gas giant to refuel. Flying from the mainworld to a gas giant takes a couple of days, and also your ship’s fuel processors can only do 40 tons/day, so it’ll take just over a day to fill your tanks with unrefined fuel and then process it. Which you might want to not do if you’re in a hurry.
        • Also when at a starport, you generally do things from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. When do you sleep?
      • I’m not going to track time at the level of hours and minutes, but will do at the level of days and weeks.
      • It’s now the start of week 51, you’re in an empty hex (so, a week away from anywhere) with enough fuel for a J-1 in your tanks, you’re two months behind on maintenance so you get a -2 penalty to your Engineer (J-Drive) checks, and the next maintenance is due in 3 weeks time.
    • Jumps:
      • You can jump into a system anywhere, it doesn’t have to be at the jump limit of the mainworld.
  • Freighters:
    • Retcon: they’re separated by days, not weeks (next arriving in week 53 still)
    • Week 53 Wednesday: Type-A Free Trader (HG120); Out of Control; MOR 8; Very Long
      • 70 tons pharmaceuticals
      • 20 tons common manufactured goods
    • Week 53 Sunday: Aoa’iw-class Light Trader (SR72); Duel of Honour; MOR 10; Very Long
      • Aslan Captain: 30 hits, STR +2 DEX +1; Crescent Blade (damage 2D+3; skill 1); Stunner (damage 3d6; skill 1); Aua-leather (armour +1)
      • 65 tons spices
      • 20 tons textiles
    • Week 54 Thursday: Type-A2 Far Trader (HG118); Hot Cargo; Solar Flares; MOR 7; Very Long
      • 64 tons precious metals
    • Week 55 Monday: Empress Marava-class Far Trader (HG116); Berserker; MOR 8; Distant
      • Berserker: 30 hits, STR +1 DEX +1 END +1; Cryojet (damage 4d6 (freezes vacc suited targets for 1d6 rounds instead), skill 1); Battle Dress (armour +22, STR +4, DEX +4)
      • 5 tons radioactives (in a hidden compartment)
      • 5 tons luxury goods
      • 45 tons crystals and gems
    • Week 55 Friday: Type-A2 Far Trader (HG118); Noble; MOR 8; Very Long
      • Noble: Lord Penford Ffarnham Blinderby of Pichot; SOC +2; convinced this is all entertainment organised by the captain
      • 32 tons textiles
      • 20 tons common electronics
      • 10 tons common ore
  • Drinax:
    • Someone stumbles upon the balcony Kasiyl has claimed as his territory: a small tent and some roasting meat over a fire.
    • Someone sees a person infected with the fungal parasite being taken to the Scholar’s Tower for treatment: it’s a common parasite in the Trojan Reach, but people are usually inoculated in childhood.
  • Honour Among Thieves (Pirates of Drinax)
    • Sal Dancet will come to Argona to find the Travellers in week 53 with a (now 18-week-old) message from King Oleb commanding them to solve this issue before anyone else, and to present the captured pirates as “gifts from ME”.
    • Keeper Malos:
      • A dour-looking middle-aged man with short white hair and a beard, wearing black robes and on his back a ceremonial freezer-tank.
      • “Half a million credits is the reward we are willing to pay, if you survive. It will not last forever, but nor does life.”
      • “Death comes to all, but through our efforts, our people rarely fall into the True Death. I do not wish those raiders to be so fortunate.”
      • “Others once stood where you stand now. None have returned.”
    • Provost Falx:
      • Early 30s, very friendly and welcoming, always smiling, makes sure his guests are comfortable and have drinks and refreshments. Tall, bald, wearing bright orange robes and wearing a golden fez with a scale model of the starport on top.
      • “Would you like drinks? Or perhaps other refreshments?” he snaps his fingers to call over men with serving trays without waiting for a response.
      • “It’s such a shame your first visit to Torpol was under such unfortunate circumstances, you’ll have to come back again some time!”
    • Due to the time since the attacks, there are only recordings. Physical signs have been removed or repaired.
    • The Sarcomond is expected to return to Torpol in the next few weeks. Another crew are waiting to talk to him about the attack.
    • A Type-J Seeker Mining Ship (HG112) with pop-up double Pulse Laser arrives at the Borite station after the players: pirate hunters.


  • Week 51: Empty Hex
    • Monday:
      • Jump to Cordan
  • Week 52: Cordan
    • Monday:
      • Refuel
      • Maintenance
    • Tuesday:
      • Jump to Argona
  • Week 53: Argona
    • Tuesday:
      • Refuel
    • Sunday:
      • Pirate spices from Aslan
      • Get message from Sol Dancet
      • Jump to Inurin
  • Week 54: Inurin
    • Sunday:
      • Refuel
      • Jump to Tech World
  • Week 55: Tech World
    • Monday:
      • Refuel
      • Jump to Hilfer
  • Week 56: Hilfer
    • Monday:
      • Refuel
      • Jump to Drinax
  • Week 57: Drinax
    • Tuesday:
      • Sell spices to Rochando (Cr5000/ton)
      • Maintenance
      • See fungus man (a minor noble from Fist)
    • Wednesday:
      • Rumour: Captain Envai’s Cavern
      • Discover Kasiyl’s balcony
      • Jump to Torpol
  • Week 58: Torpol
    • Wednesday:
      • See news bulletin saying the Council of Provosts approved an increased planetary defence budget
      • Talk to Provost Falk
      • Learn Captain Vlaw will be back in a week or two
      • Give crew shore leave
  • Week 59: Torpol
    • Wednesday:
      • Talk to Captain Vlaw
      • Decode intel
      • Jump to Borite
  • Week 60: Borite
    • Wednesday:
      • Find distress signal at ancient space station

Next time

  • Honour Among Thieves
    • Other pirate hunter ship arrives a day after the Travellers
  • Week 60, Wednesday, Borite
  • Maintenance due in week 61

2022-03-03 — Week 60, Borite


  • Honour Among Thieves (Pirates of Drinax)
    • A Type-J Seeker Mining Ship (HG112) with pop-up double Pulse Laser arrives at the Borite station after the players: pirate hunters.
    • Emphasise changes in gravity, radiation, lack of visibility, radio static, etc.


  • Week 60: Borite
    • Wednesday:
      • Get Krrsh
        • He shares intel
        • Joins crew (but needs to negotiate payment)
        • Can get 5% surcharge on Theev Credits, until his old crew next visit Theev and trash his reputation
      • Jump to the refuelling point
  • Week 61: [Refuelling]
    • Wednesday:
      • Refuel
      • Wait for it to be processed
    • Thursday:
      • Jump to Theev
  • Week 62: Theev
    • Thursday:
      • Maintenance
      • Talk to Lowen, a Vargr and contact of Krrsh:
        • Ferrik is not on Theev, he’d be killed if he set foot here
        • Miria is on Theev and has been talking to Petyr and Hroal
        • She’s hiding somewhere and communicating through messengers

Next time

  • Honour Among Thieves
  • Week 62, Thursday, Theev
  • Maintenance due in week 65

2022-03-20 — Week 62, Theev


  • Week 62: Theev
    • Thursday:
      • Fence goods
      • Send a message to Admiral Darokyn
    • Friday:
      • Visit Drax the Knifer
        • Learn about Petyr (psychopathic Aslan hater)
        • Learn about Hroal (Aslan)
        • Get Vii Lon
  • Week 63: Theev
    • Wednesday:
      • See Admiral Darokyn
        • Dinner at the restaurant
        • Fail to impress him
    • Thursday:
      • Visit Hroal
        • Offer him land on Asim: he’ll help
        • Tells the Travellers to wait a few weeks
  • Week 64: Theev
    • Sunday:
      • Finish gathering info about Captain Envai’s Cavern: it’s somewhere in the outer asteroid belt of the Thebus system
  • Week 65: Theev
  • Week 66: Vume
  • Week 67: Realgar
    • Wednesday:
      • Maintenance
      • Vii departs
  • Week 68: Vume
  • Week 69: Theev
    • Friday:
      • Hroal hands over Ferrik Redthane and an Aslan female who will pick out an appropriate patch of land on Asim

Next time

  • Captain Envai’s Cavern
  • Honour Among Thieves
  • Week 69, Friday, Theev
  • Maintenance due in week 71

2022-04-03 — Week 69, Theev


  • Captain Envai’s Cavern:
    • It’s in the outer asteroid belt of the Thebus system, which is 9,000,000,000km long and 150,000,000km wide
    • It’s deep inside a large asteroid, connected to the outside by a narrow canyon, with big ship doors and a smaller airlock.
    • Specs:
      • Docking space for up to 1,200 tons of ships
      • Refuelling gear
      • 6 regular staterooms
      • Luxury suite made of 3 staterooms and a common area
      • Two well-equipped workshops (treat as ship’s locker but for tools)
      • TL15 15-ton starship fusion reactor modified to run on unrefined fuel (200 power, consumes 1.5 tons of fuel/4 weeks):
        • Docking area: 1200 tons
        • Staterooms: 9*4 = 36 tons
        • Corridors & other rooms: 300 tons
        • 1536 tons => 154 power needed
      • Fuel tanks for 400 tons
      • No fuel refiners
      • No weapons
      • No external sensors
      • No separate cargo hold (use unoccupied docking space)
    • Current state:
      • No fuel
      • No power
      • No life support
      • Big doors seized shut and need an overhaul
      • Sindalian glory stripped and sold
      • 25 tons of construction supplies (high-quality steel and copper alloys, kilometres of cabling and piping, tools)
      • 5 tons stolen government currency ingots (gold, silver, platinum) worth 4MCr
  • Honour Among Thieves:
    • Ferrik will try to sell out Admiral Darokyn to save his skin
    • Giving land on Asim to Hroal Irontooth:
      • Aslan female is called Iy.e.wakh.ea
      • Hroal wants 20 km^2
      • King Oleb will grumble and tell the Travellers to ask before giving away parts of his kingdom in the future, but secretly he’s pleased to be able to influence Torpol and Clarke, and get a contact with an established pirate band, for a bit of space on a sparsely-populated planet
      • The Asimen won’t be too happy about giving away part of their planet


  • Week 69: Theev
    • Friday:
      • Get Ferrik and the Aslan
  • Week 71: Secret Refuelling Station
    • Monday:
      • Refuel
  • Week 72: Marduk
  • Week 73: Torpol
    • Sunday:
      • Maintenance
  • Week 74: Torpol
    • Monday:
      • Hand over Ferrik
      • Collect 2.5MCr bounty
  • Week 75: Drinax
    • Tuesday:
      • Get King Oleb’s approval for Hroal’s land
      • The Aslan continues on to Asim
  • Week 76: Torpol
  • Week 78: Marduk
  • Week 79: Thebus:
    • Friday:
      • Maintenance
    • Sunday:
      • Start searching for Captain Envai’s cavern
  • Week 80: Thebus
  • Week 81: Thebus
  • Week 82: Thebus
  • Week 83: Thebus
  • Week 84: Thebus
  • Week 85: Thebus
    • Saturday:
      • Find cavern
      • Begin careful examination
  • Week 86: Thebus:
    • Monday:
      • Finish examination
      • Take ingots
      • Maintenance
  • Week 87: Marduk
  • Week 88: Marduk
  • Week 89: Torpol
  • Week 90: Drinax
    • Sunday:
      • Fix ventral turret
      • Cerdic retires
      • Shayra retires
  • Week 91: Drinax
    • Sunday:
      • Black Jack hired as an average gunner: collects alien curios, had his ship blown up by the Aslan
  • Week 92: Torpol
  • Week 93: Blue
  • Week 94: Arunisiir
  • Week 95: Arunisiir
  • Week 96: Tanith
    • Wednesday:
      • Maintenance
      • Accept volay job

Next time

  • Check trade income: is the price for a single jump?
  • Volay job (p264)
  • Maintenance due week 100

2022-04-18 — Week 96, Tanith


  • Need to cover passengers & freight ruling
  • Maintenance due in week 100


The Borderland Run

  • Toni (Tanith Port Authority guy) directs the Travellers to Joachim Streussen on Argona, for a job which needs someone trustworthy

  • Finding Heteitoirl on Hernon’s Claim:

    • Looking up the deportation ship’s details:
      • Traded some ores and dropped off an Aslan
    • Asking around:
      • A “big surly Aslan, keeps to himself” arrives a couple of days ago
      • There are a few Aslan families on the planet
      • Where those Aslan work
    • Uilr:
      • Will watch the Travellers
      • If caught, will ask why they came and where they’re going
      • Won’t say anything about Hteleitoirl until he gives his approval
    • The Aslan will be suspicious of outsiders asking about the new arrival
  • Hteletoirl:

    • Surly and taciturn
    • Very relieved to get off Hernon’s Claim
    • Tight-lipped about why he needs to get home, just says that he must
    • Suggests caution and routes to disguise their destination
    • Says he needs to stop at Sink and The World, and if asked if he can do that later, grimly says “there will be no opportunity later”
    • Desperately needs companionship and will warm to the Travellers if they treat him well.
  • Misdirection Index:

    • +2 for every Voidsedge system visited pre-Gibraltar
    • +1 for every Voidsedge system visited post-Gibraltar


  • Week 96:
    • Wed:
      • Hear about Arunisiir attack
      • Jump to Cordan
  • Week 97:
    • Wed:
      • Refuel
    • Fri:
      • Jump to Argona
  • Week 98:
    • Fri:
      • Arrive
      • Talk to Joachim Streussen
      • Accept job
      • Get Ore Deposits rumour
    • Sat:
      • Refuel
  • Week 99:
    • Mon:
      • Jump to Inurin
  • Week 100:
    • Mon:
      • Sam’s Leaky Bucket
      • Maintenance
      • Refuel
      • Private investigators
      • Get Revolution on Acrid rumour
    • Tue:
      • Gas giant hazard gets a ship
      • Learn that Planetside Security Services coincidentally showed up a couple of days before the attack on Arunisiir
      • Amaldae gets in touch
    • Wed:
      • Talk to Amaldae
      • Get belongings: inspect them and find Aslan clothes
      • Jump to Hernon’s Claim (+1 MI)
  • Week 101:
    • Wed:
      • Arrive at Hernon’s Claim
      • Lie, badly (-1 MI)
      • Learn that an Aslan showed up recently and is staying with one of the Aslan families
      • Find Clan Communicator in the stuff
      • Contact all Aslan to ask about Ergneuel, all are suspicious and ignorant
    • Fri: (afternoon)
      • Hack clan communicator, learn Hteleitoirl’s name and clan
      • Contact all Aslan again, asking about Hteleitoirl, all are suspicious and ignorant
      • Uilr approaches

Next time

  • Deadline: Monday, week 115
  • Misdirection: 0
  • Friday week 101
  • Meeting Hteleitoirl
  • Next maintenance due in week 104

2022-05-01 — Week 101, Inurin


  • At Hernon’s Claim
  • Deadline: Monday week 115
  • Misdirection: 0
  • Maintenance due in week 104


The Borderland Run

  • Meeting Uilr:
    • Uilr is a child, not a teenager
    • She’ll ask who the Travellers are, and give them an address to go to (Hernon Robotics and Electronics) if they seem ok
  • Meeting Hteletoirl:
    • Khtiiyaheieao will try to get a feel for the passengers before Hteleitoirl shows up
    • He will also make the meeting at the shop look like an authentic product demonstration / consultation, as cover
    • Hteletoirl is suspicious of the Travellers and asks how they knew his real name, and is surprised that Amaldae sent people after him
    • Knowing they have his stuff will lead him to conclude they were sent by Amaldae, and so are either allies or managed to deceive her
    • He will need a day to sort out his affairs, and to be taken off the planet discretely
  • Hteletoirl:
    • A very Aslan Aslan:
      • Tall, muscular, powerful
      • Walks as if he owns the place
      • Looks down at the Travellers
      • Watches them silently and unblinkingly, as if deciding whether to pounce
      • Interrupts
    • Tight-lipped about why he needs to get home, just says that he must
    • Suggests caution and routes to disguise their destination
    • Says he needs to stop at Sink and The World, and if asked if he can do that later, grimly says “there will be no opportunity later” (will also say he needs to stop at Sink if players bring up potential betrayal)
    • Desperately needs companionship and will warm to the Travellers if they treat him well.
    • Interactions:
      • Being found sitting alone in the darkened ship at night
      • Asking about expected arrival dates, but not seeming happy with knowing everything is going to plan
      • Punching a wall in the cargo hold
  • Mercenary Encounter:
    • There’s a patrol ship at the port and some very rude mercenaries asking people’s business and looking for an Aslan criminal who they heard might be here
    • One of them is Crayg, Ilijah’s hateful contact
    • They have the Planetside Security Services logo on their jackets
    • Have them catch Uilr sneaking around
  • Aslan on Tyokh:
    • I’m thinking tabards with the clan livery?
    • Need to come up with descriptions: this place needs to feel alien
    • Hit them with some Aslan bureaucracy at the highport
  • Misdirection Index:
    • +1 for every Voidsedge system visited
  • Events:
    • Giant Scuttlefish (JTAS 8 p127) in a gas giant
    • Opal suggests sending another ship pirating
    • Patrol looking for pirates


  • Week 101:
    • Fri:
      • Uilr gives the address
      • Astraea sees mercs at the starport and leaves
    • Sat:
      • Meet Hteleitoirl
    • Sun:
      • Encounter mercs (MI -5)
        • Crayg gets knocked out and abducted
        • Hteleitoirl disapproves and tells Ilijah that he had already proven himself the better warrior
      • Jump to Exe
        • Change route to go via Sink and The World
  • Week 102:
    • Sun:
      • Arrive in Exe (MI -4)
      • Refuel
  • Week 103:
    • Mon:
      • Jump to Cordan
      • Orcan finds Hteleitoirl punching a wall
  • Week 104:**
    • Mon:
      • Arrive in Cordan (MI -3)
      • Refuel
    • Tue:
      • Jump to Tanith
      • Ilijah gets pestered by an unhappy Hteleitoirl about the route and timings
  • Week 105:
    • Tue:
      • Arrive in Tanith (MI -2)
      • Ilijah buys a Luugir
      • Maintenance
      • Refuel
    • Thu:
      • Jump to Exocet
      • Astraea gets Hteleitoirl to open up
  • Week 106:
    • Thu:
      • Arrive in Exocet (MI -1)
      • Refuel
      • Giant Scuttlefish latches on to ship
    • Fri:
      • Jump to Blue
  • Week 107:
    • Fri:
      • Arrive in Blue (MI 0)
      • Refuel
      • Drop off the Giant Scuttlefish
    • Sat:
      • Jump to Torpol
  • Week 108:
    • Sat:
      • Arrive in Torpol (MI +1)
      • See royal Drinax visit (a painted trader)
      • Refuel
      • Kick out Crayg
      • Jump to Drinax (MI -5)
  • Week 109:
    • Sat:
      • Arrive in Drinax (MI -4)
      • Maintenance
      • Switch to Scout Ship (MI +10)
      • Jump to Hilfer
  • Week 110:
    • Sat:
      • Arrive in Hilfer (MI +10)
      • Refuel
    • Sun:
      • Jump to Sink
  • Week 111:
    • Sun:
      • Arrive in Sink (MI +10)

Next time

  • At Sink
  • Deadline: Monday week 115
  • Misdirection: 10
  • Maintenance due in week 113