Well, it’s over. I’m on leave for the rest of February, and then start my new job on the 8th of March. I will have to go back into the GDS office at some point before then to return my laptop, but that’s it.

I’m now, effectively, unemployed for a month.

We had a leavers call, I received some presents (a few books from my wishlist, a new game, and subscriptions to a tea-of-the-month service and a boardgame magazine). I got a card. It was all very nice.


This week I read:

  • Volume 1 of So I’m a Spider, So What? by Okina Baba

    I recently watched the anime for this and quite liked it, so I decided to check out the light novels. They’re very “light novel”: more or less just the internal monologue of the viewpoint characters put into print, stream-of-consciousness style. Everyone acts and speaks very anime.

    Well, it’s enjoyable, and I don’t exactly go into light novels expecting high literature.

I’ve also been reading Designing Data-Intensive Applications, but still have a few chapters to go.

RPG Blog

This week I shared my Traveller cheatsheets, which I’ve been using to run my campaign for the last few months.


My books escaped containment (see photo) a few months ago, and I really wanted some more bookcases, but didn’t know where I’d fit them.

The book leak.

In a moment of sheer brilliance, I realised that I don’t just have to put all my furniture against the walls, leaving the centre of the room empty and useless: I can put things there too! So I’m going to move my sofa and coffee table into the middle of the room and that frees up some more wall space for bookcases.

But then I really am out of space.


Roleplaying Games