Weeknotes: 110


It’s been another week of much programming, lots has been done, and the list of things remaining to do ever shrinks. We walked through the application with the whole team, and noted things down like “this feature doesn’t work quite right”, or “this page doesn’t look quite right”, and have been mostly working off this “snag list” this week. There are a couple of things big enough to merit their own cards, rather than just being entries in the list, but not many.

I’m going on support for a week on Wednesday, so I’m hoping we can get all the complicated bits done by then.


This week I read:

  • Excession by Iain M. Banks, the fifth of the Culture series.

    A really powerful and bizarre artefact appears… and it’s used as the excuse to cause a lot of problems, without actually causing that many itself. Even super-intelligent AIs which live for thousands of years can’t help but jump at the opportunity to get one over on those they disapprove of it seems.

    This is the last of the Culture books I’d read previously, so everything is new after this point.


My network rebuild is finally complete! Well, other than finishing the memo about it and putting away a bunch of spare cable ties, cage nuts, and so on. But everything is all set up and functioning. I’ll save more details for the memo.