• I added the FAQPage metadata to the /bank-holidays and /when-do-the-clocks-change pages, so now if you google for “bank holidays” Google gives a rich result:

    Screenshot of Google results page showing rich result for the GOV.UK bank holidays page.

    This whole experience has heightened my Scotland-bank-holiday-envy. Not only do they have an extra one, theirs seem to be slightly more spread out across the year.

    There isn’t a rich result for the clock change page because there’s only one “question” there. But adding the metadata is still useful, as voice assistants and similar technology can use it.

  • We’re working on productionising our Learning to Rank implementation so we can A/B test it, and as part of that I’ve been looking into how training time and data correlate with quality. So I’ve run a bunch of experiments with models trained on analytics data from a day, a fortnight, and a month, with various training durations. I need to write up my results, but it’s looking like a fortnight of clicks data is a good amount.

  • We had a chat about A/B tests, because the last few we’ve run haven’t turned up conclusive results. We worry that we’re not trying changes which are impactful enough. So going forward we’re going to try looking at some metrics like how much the order of results has changed before deploying a test.


  • I read Winter’s Heart (by Robert Jordan), the eighth book in the Wheel of Time series. I also read New Spring, a Wheel of Time prequel.

  • I’ve been sorting out my new flat: paying and signing things, arranging a time to pick up the keys, and getting quotes from removals companies. I’ve also been thinking about furniture, both for the office I’m going to turn the second bedroom into, and for the much larger living / dining room. Finally, I will have enough shelf space for my books (for a little while, at least).

  • Oculus Link entered public beta, so I’ve been able to hook up my Quest to my computer and explore PC VR. This has been hampered somewhat by me not owning any PC VR games…