• The big news is that Elasticsearch 6 is now handling 100% of GOV.UK search traffic: we turned the A/B test to 100% B. I’ve written a post about the whole process for the GOV.UK blog which should be coming out in a few weeks time. Next week we’ll tear down Elasticsearch 5. I suggested we spend October’s Elasticsearch 5 budget on snacks, but for some reason didn’t hear back about that.


  • I finished reading Metro 2033 (by Dmitry Glukhovsky). It was good, I didn’t see the ending coming. There are some sequels and also a game I might check out.

  • I read The Eye of the World (by Robert Jordan), the first book in the Wheel of Time series. I’ve read it before, but I didn’t have a date recorded in bookdb, which means it was some time before 2012. It’s nice generic high fantasy, enjoyable because it’s very easy to get into and doesn’t require much thought. I never actually finished the series, the latest book I have is Winter’s Heart, the 9th of 14.

  • I didn’t have much luck with flat hunting. Letting agents seem really bad at following instructions like “I won’t answer my phone during the working day, so either ring me in the evening or email me”, and I only managed to arrange one booking after contacting 12 agents. And that booking fell through because someone paid a holding deposit on the day I was due to see it. I’ll just have to start ringing agents during my lunch breaks.