• Monday was a bank holiday, and I took Tuesday off for “privilege day”—an extra day off Civil Servants get either before or after the Spring bank holiday for the Queen’s birthday.

  • I mostly did Elasticsearch upgrade stuff: making our index definitions compatible with 600Two pull requests: Switch from string to text / keyword and Remove use of include_in_all.

    , investigating and fixing query incompatibilities11One pull request: Use ‘like’ instead of ‘docs’ in more_like_this query, some investigation, and a small list of future issues to fix.

    , setting up ES6 on one of our CI agents so we can test things against it, and working with another couple of developers to provision the ES6 cluster. I’ve been trying to put off doing this stuff myself, so others will learn how it works, but there’s only so much other stuff to do…

  • Thursday had the last of a three-session “Learning to code at GDS” thing which introduced people to basic HTML, CSS, and Ruby. I’ve been one of the teachers. The students enjoyed it, and we’re hoping that it can be a more formal thing next quarter, rather than just something we run during our lunch hours.


  • I saw Detective Pikachu on Monday, it was pretty good. I heard from someone at work who had seen it without knowing anything about Pokemon that it did a good job of introducing the setting.

  • I watched Good Omens on Saturday, that was really good. It managed to modernise the story a bit while also remaining faithful to the source material. Definitely worth watching if you’ve enjoyed the book.