• I submitted my revised thesis on Thursday, and it was sent to the examiners on Friday. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I hear back. It’s possible I could be given more corrections to do, but only minor corrections with a three-month deadline, not the year-long major corrections I did have.


  • It’s a new quarter, and I am on a new team. I’m on a small team working on upgrading our elasticsearch set-up from 2.something to 5 or, ideally, 6. This is a bit challenging because none of us know anything about elasticsearch. Fortunately, the needed changes appear to be confined to rummager—which powers the site search, finders, etc—and licence-finder—which powers… the licence finder.


  • I made the first real change to dejafu since July, just fixing up a confusing interface, but it took me a while to do because I’d forgotten a lot. I’ve not been very motivated to work on dejafu with the thesis looming (and the last significant change was fixing a bug I discovered while writing something up), but now that that’s submitted it’s a more enticing prospect again. I’ve also been thinking about how to fix a fairly nasty wart that can lead to runtime errors, and I think I’ve got a good solution. Watch this space.

  • I tried my kombucha again after another few days, and there was no change in carbonation. So I’ve definitely messed up the first batch a bit. But I think I know what the major mistakes were, so I’ve started a second batch which I hope will go better.