• I wrote up a document briefly saying how I met all the mandatory corrections, as suggested by my supervisor, and it’s a good thing I did because I had missed out a minor one. It was only a one sentence change, but still.

    So the final-final thesis and the document are with my supervisor, he’ll get back to me at some point about with a suggestion of what to do next.


  • I was off Monday and Tuesday, and then spent the rest of the week fixing minor things, like removing a really annoying part of our smart-answers testsuite. I also spent some time planning what I’ll be doing next week, which is firebreak: the break between quarters to do whatever you want, as long as it’s useful. I’m going to have a go at making a support rota generator, as making that is currently a tedious manual process.


  • I came back to an old project, a brainfuck interpreter using LLVM to JIT-compile the code. Except it’s not really a JIT, as it compiles the entire program before jumping into it. I thought I could improve that, but it turns out my idea didn’t work. Writing a good JIT is hard, who’d have thought it?

  • I found a nice-looking bolognese recipe, tweaked it, and wrote it up after it turned out really well.

  • I decided to look into fermentation, and have started making some kombucha. I’m using a nice dark tea for the base—a fermented tea to make a fermented drink—and have a few ideas for flavours that might go well with the earthy taste of the tea: unflavoured, pear, cherry, ginger, and carrot. I’ll be trying it daily from tomorrow, to check if it’s done fermenting and ready to move on to the flavouring stage.