• I finished chapter 1, the introduction. Now all I have left to do is to:
    • make sure the conclusions ties back into the new introduction,
    • make sure all the further work is in the further work chapter,
    • rewrite the abstract to include the motivation and relevance of the work.
    Almost there!



  • On Monday I watched the InSight probe landing on Mars.

  • dejafu got a small flurry of interest, and is on its way back to Stackage. It seems there’s been some interest in using dejafu at DFINITY, a blockchain startup. One day I’ll figure out why there are so many Haskell blockchain startups—or even why there are any blockchain startups at all.

  • I started playing Sunless Skies, a game by the Fallen London people in early access. You play the captain of a locomotive exploring the skies for Queen and Empire. It’s pretty fun, and hard; but fortunately when you die and start over again, you inherit a bit of what your last captain had, so it gradually gets easier.