Teas I like

I mostly drink dark (puerh), black, and oolong teas. These are my favourite ones:

Name Supplier Type Origin
Darjeeling First Flush What-Cha Black Darjeeling, India
Himalayan Imperial What-Cha Black Dhankuta, Nepal
‘Non-Smoky’ Lapsang Souchong What-Cha Black Fujian, China
Pure Bud Golden Snail What-Cha Black Yunnan, China
Malawi Dark What-Cha Dark Shire Highlands, Malawi
Houjicha What-Cha Green Kyoto, Japan
Genmaicha What-Cha Green Kyoto, Japan
Charcoal Roasted Oolong What-Cha Oolong Nantou, Taiwan
Shui Xian What-Cha Oolong Nantou, Taiwan
Takumiya Loose Buckwheat Tea Japan Centre Not Tea ?, Japan

I also have some emergency Yorkshire Tea bags reserved for only the most dire of emergencies.

Teas I don’t like

  • Assam and blends which contain it, like most breakfast teas. Too malty.
  • Lapsang Souchong it tastes bad cold, and isn’t brilliant hot.

I buy tea from


  • Good quality, teas often brew three or four good pots.
  • Free (for orders over £25) and prompt (often next-day) delivery.
  • But often missing more standard teas like darjeeling or jasmine, or only carrying expensive variants.

Japan Centre

  • Has a lot of “normal” Japanese teas, which more specialist sellers often gloss over.
  • Usually has matcha in stock.
  • But very little fancy stuff.

The Tea Makers

  • Has lots of more “normal” teas.
  • But it’s of mediocre quality, teas usually only make one or two good pots.