The goal: a delicious chilli
The goal: a delicious chilli


Quantities are for the weak. Go with your heart!


  1. (optional) Prepare roasted vegetables:

    1. Roughly slice onions, peppers, and garlic
    2. Put into oven dish
    3. Mix with sea salt, ground black pepper, worcestershire sauce, and a generous amount of olive oil
    4. Put in oven at 200C for 45 minutes, stirring after 25
  2. Heat olive oil in pan

  3. Fry mince in oil and spices

  4. Add beef stock pot, worcestershire sauce, and (optional) soy sauce; mix well with mince

  5. Add garlic, onions, and peppers; fry until softening

  6. Add diced mushrooms and chopped tomatoes; mix well

  7. Add a little water if too dry

  8. (optional) Add peas or kidney beans

  9. Add sundried tomatoes and finely chopped chillies; mix well

  10. Cover and simmer for an hour