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Target Audience Everyone

Wel­come to my col­lec­tion of memos!

It’s not ex­actly like a normal blog, so be­fore com­plaining “wow, this art­icle is weirdly spe­cific and not ap­plic­able at all,” bear in mind:

  1. Many memos are written with me as the target audi­ence!
  2. The nar­rower the target audi­ence, the less pol­ished the memo is likely to be.
  3. Some­times I’ll go back and up­date a memo.

Each memo has a Target Audi­ence which you should check be­fore read­ing. Some have an Epi­stemic Status, which sum­mar­ises how ob­ject­ively true the con­tent is. Some have an At­ten­tion Con­ser­va­tion No­tice, to give a very brief sum­mary of what you can ex­pect.

You are prob­ably now won­dering why not just have a normal blog? Well, I did. I’ve had sev­eral. My problem with blog­ging is that I feel like every post needs to be in­ter­est­ing, pol­ished, and gen­er­ally to a high stand­ard. I like reading such blogs, so surely my blog should be the same, right? The problem is that this cre­ates a lot of pres­sure, and leads to me barely ever up­dating the damn thing.

But this web­site is a col­lec­tion of art­icles I have written and pub­lished, right? Isn’t that just a blog? Well maybe I am just de­ceiving my­self by calling these art­icles “memos” rather than “blog posts,” but I am now writing more, and writing for my­self in ad­di­tion to writing for oth­ers.

So overall it is a good de­cep­tion.