Welcome to my collection of memos!

It’s not exactly like a normal blog, so before complaining “wow, this article is weirdly specific and not applicable at all,” check the Target Audience field:

  1. General memos are written for everyone
  2. Narrow memos are generally me working something out or documenting something for myself, but which others may find interesting
  3. Personal memos are written for me

You are probably now wondering why not just have a normal blog? Well, I did. I’ve had several. My problem with blogging is that I feel like every post needs to be interesting, polished, and generally to a high standard. I like reading such blogs, so surely my blog should be the same, right? The problem is that this creates a lot of pressure, and leads to me barely ever updating the damn thing.

But this website is a collection of articles I have written and published, right? Isn’t that just a blog? Well maybe I am just deceiving myself by calling these articles “memos” rather than “blog posts,” but I am now writing more, and writing for myself in addition to writing for others.

So overall it is a good deception.