Memos vs. Blog Posts

The major dif­fer­ences between memos and blog posts are two: audi­ence and in­tent:

  • Memos are written primarily for me, to cla­rify some­thing in my mind, or to re­cord some­thing for fu­ture ref­er­ence.
  • Blog posts are written primarily for oth­ers, to com­mu­nicate some­thing I already know and un­der­stand.

A few lesser dif­fer­ences arise con­sequently:

  • Memos may be up­dated as I re­vise my un­der­stand­ing; whereas blog posts are typ­ic­ally set in stone.
  • Memos have a much lower (ef­fect­ively zero) standard of writing be­fore pub­lic­a­tion.
  • I feel less bad about using words like “thus” and “whilst” in memos, a habit my su­per­visor has tried to crush in my aca­demic writ­ing.
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