Welcome to my memos. This isn’t just a normal blog: some memos are written for me, some are written for others. So that you can find what you’re looking for, it’s useful to know how they’re organised and how to subscribe for updates.


Memos are grouped into a taxonomy, a hierarchical category structure. The current top-level taxons are:

  • General: memos of general interest.
  • Weeknotes: a summary of my weeks, published every Sunday.
  • Research: memos about research, either by me or by others.
  • Tech Docs: technical documentation on stuff I use or run.
  • Self: information which is useful in the course of being me.

A taxon may have subtaxa, which I won’t list here.

A taxon page gives you:

  • A link to an atom feed of all the memos in that taxon and its subtaxa
  • A list of memos in that taxon
  • A list of memos in its subtaxa

Currently there aren’t feeds for just the memos in that taxon (excluding memos in any subtaxa). If that would be useful, let me know.


There are three sorts of atom feeds:

  • The feed for all memos, at /feed.xml
  • The feed for all memos in a taxon and its subtaxa, at /taxon/<name>.xml