I run a few machines with various bits and bobs on them. They’re hosted in three places: Hetzner Cloud, Kimsufi, and my flat. I run these machines because they’re useful and because tinkering with them is fun.

They all run NixOS, and I keep their configuration on GitHub. They also all share a directory in ~ with Syncthing, which contains almost all of my stuff that isn’t in git.

There is a naming convention based on the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft:

  • Local machines: are named after beings: gods, people, etc.
  • Remote machines: are named after places.


This is my primary desktop computer. It dual-boots Windows 10 and NixOS, so it doesn’t run any services, as they may not be accessible half of the time.

I use NixOS for programming and for work. Windows 10 most of the rest of the time.

I don’t bother backing up either OS: everything I care about on Linux is either in Syncthing or Git, and all of my git repositories have remotes on GitHub or dreamlands.


See the home network memo.


The VPS hosting this website, and a few other things. Currently it’s running:

All of the websites (on this and other machines) are run through caddy, with certs from Let’s Encrypt.

This machine backs up of my Syncthing directory and my git repositories (from GitHub and from dreamlands), and stores that in Amazon Glacier using duplicity. A full backup every month, an incremental one every week.

This machine is hosted in Hetzner Cloud.


The VPS hosting

This machine is hosted in Hetzner Cloud.

This dedicated server hosts the lainchan radio station and pleroma instance, on

This machine is hosted in Kimsufi.