List of Granfalloons

A gran­fal­loon is a false karass: a col­lec­tion of people with no cosmic sig­ni­fic­ance to the grouping what­so­ever. As Bokonon in­vites us to sing along with him:

If you wish to study a gran­fal­loon
Just re­move the skin of a toy bal­loon.

Here is an in­com­plete list of gran­fal­loons I have been a part of:

  • Cor­porate
    • The Civil Ser­vice
    • Core­Filing
    • Over­leaf
    • Pusher
    • Share­LaTeX
  • Edu­ca­tional
    • Hymers Col­lege
    • Uni­ver­sity of York
  • Geo­graphic
    • Eng­land
    • Europe
    • King­ston upon Hull
    • York­shire
  • Polit­ical
    • Free Soft­ware Found­a­tion
    • Lib­eral Demo­crats
  • Misc
    • 4chan
    • Arch Linux
    • BYOND
    • Guild Wars
    • Haskell
    • NixOS
    • lain­chan
    • sushichan
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