Game I would like to run

This is a collection of campaigns I think I would enjoy running, and systems I would like to run them in. This is not an exhaustive list.

The Big City

The Free City of Emagar, the Jewel of the North, is the greatest city in the world. Home to almost a million people, built up over thousands of years, and surrounded by farms and villages for miles on end. The city is ruled by a council, though the true power lies with the guilds, the companies, and the priesthoods.

It is a city of great wealth… and great poverty. Between the opulent temples and palaces, there are entire districts of slums, where people live in squalid tenements and every day is a struggle to survive. Crime is rampant, though the City Guard only care if the wealthy get caught up in it.

System: I’m flexible, there are a few which would work.

Setting: dungeonpunk set entirely within the Free City of Emagar and its environs.

Player Buy-in: you have to be outside of the establishment in some way: maybe you hate the inequality and want to improve the lot of the common man, maybe you want to seize power for yourself, maybe you’re a gang of criminals exploiting the situation, or even something else entirely. This will be a political game, with lots of factions to get mixed up in.

The Guild of Adventurers

Maybe you’re not suited to take over the family business, got into trouble and had to leave respectable society, or just feel the call of the wild: in any case, you’ve ended up a low-ranking member of the Guild of Adventurers.

You and the rest of the party are all fairly new, and have become friends. The guild higher ups have noticed, and have put you together into a team. The Guild will supply quests suited to your experience and outfit you with basic equipment.

System: Mythras

Setting: sword & sorcery with medium magic: most cities will have wizards offering magical services for money; magic organisations exist; but magic is rare outside the privileged few.

Organisations (religions, magical orders, academies, guilds, etc) are a significant part of every-day life, with almost everyone in at least one organisation. I think that will give a lot of scope for politics, which will be fun.

We can flesh out the history before the campaign starts by playing a game of Microscope.

Player Buy-in: you’re a gang of newbie adventurers happy with fetch quests and dungeon crawls. You’re not chosen heroes, and the more experienced adventurers will probably look down on you. The Guild will supply plot hooks, should you wish to take them, but I expect the game to become more self-directed over time. There will be opportunity to get mixed up with politics—both internal and external—if you want that.

Masks of Nyarlathotep

Your good friend Jackson Elias calls for your help with a telegram scarce on details. Something about the ill-fated Carlyle Expedition of 1920, where everyone ended up dead. He said he’s found something.

System: Call of Cthulhu

Setting: 1920s

Player Buy-in: this is a published non-linear campaign where you’ll be following clues around the world to get to the bottom of things. It’s a very long campaign (1.5 to 2 years play-time), and you’ll likely have characters die several times.

Worldbuilding Deep Dive

We start by building a world with Microscope, and then play through interesting points of history with whatever system seems appropriate (eg, if we pick a fantasy setting, maybe Mythras).

We might play one period and one set of characters for months, or we might rapidly jump from one end of the timeline to the other, or something else entirely.

Occasionally we will play further sessions of Microscope (or the Union and Chronicle rulesets) to flesh out the world more.

System: Microscope (for worldbuilding) & something else (for actual play)

Setting: flexible

Player Buy-in: you have to be happy with a lot of worldbuilding and also with switching up characters a lot. We should also decide on a case-by-case basis whether players can change established history, and how to handle any contradictions.