Player characters

  • Komugi (rabbit henge), looks like a 12-year-old girl.
  • Tsubasa (bird henge), looks like a 17-year-old girl.

Non-player characters

  • Shirihara Koyuki (fox henge), looks like a 14-year-old girl, wears traditional clothing (a pink/purple kimono normally). Has long blonde hair and a gentle expression. She’s got a run-down shrine in the forest. Can be kind of aloof at times.

  • Shinta (human), a 12-year-old boy, very diligent and tries his best every day.

  • The god of the north field (rabbit kami), watches over the field, and is perhaps a bit sad to think of all the other small gods who have vanished due to the encroachment of the town into nature.

At the Fox’s Shrine, 2020-04-12

We played through the At the Fox’s Shrine scenario in the corebook and met Koyuki.

The story ended with the PCs agreeing to be Koyuki’s friends and to visit her, and with Tsubasa using her Rumours power to draw attention to the shrine.

Crying in the Night, 2020-04-19

We played through the Crying in the Night scenario in the corebook and met Shinta.

The story ended with Shinta keeping the puppy.

The Fox and the God, 2020-04-26

The story ended with Koyuki enjoying the fireworks, but the god (which looked like Komugi’s identical twin sister) perhaps a bit sad about the other small gods which have been lost due to the expansion of the town.

Scene 1 [evening; Koyuki’s shrine] The PCs arrive at the shrine to hang out with Koyuki, as they do every few days. This time she’s waiting for them, and proudly shows off a few 5-yen coins in the collection box. She’s incredibly proud.

She says that she overheard a few visitors talking about “the upcoming festival”, and asks if the PCs have ever been to it. She asks if they’ll take her and if they’ll show her around the town a bit beforehand00Nudge them into saying yes.


Scene 2 [late morning; Koyuki’s shrine; a few days later] The PCs are there to meet up with Koyuki and head into town. She’s in a good mood, humming with a smile on her face as they walk together.

The route into town takes them through a wide field. It’s sunny in the forest and the field, but over town it’s cloudy. Koyuki says that she hopes the clouds don’t spoil it.

Part way through the field, a rabbit hops up to them. Its eyes are completely gold—no white, iris, or pupil, just gold—and it looks at the group with intelligence. After a few moments, it says “hello”. There is no voice, just the memory of a voice suddenly entering everyone’s awareness, as if the speaker didn’t want to go through the inefficiency of ears first. The rabbit is the nameless god of the field. It asks where they’re going, and invites itself along to see the “human things”.

Whenever the PCs suggest taking human form (and not just hopping through the town with golden eyes on display), it first takes the form of one of the PCs; then, when they complain, an old man, speaking with the voice of a young woman; then, when they complain, speaks with the voice of an old man. It won’t bring up the topic of a name if the PCs don’t.

They all head into town, the clouds parting before them.

Scene 3 [afternoon; town] Koyuki and the god are both interested in the town, but the god won’t suggest anywhere to visit unless asked.

Things Koyuki wants to see:

  • Houses
  • Shops
  • The school
  • Vending machines
  • Everyday things

Things the god wants to see:

  • The oldest tree in the town (in a park at the centre)
  • A shrine (the god will grin at, what appears to everyone else, some empty space)
  • Old things

Sprinkle the town with elders, adults, and children on every street. If the god is currently in the form of an old man (the PCs may have objected to that), at least one adult will talk to it, saying they’ve not seen them around before11If the god needs to talk to a human, and the PCs haven’t discussed conversation topics beforehand, let them know that they can tell he’s about to say something stupid like “I am the god of the north field” or “I’ve lived here for centuries” unless they jump in.


Both Koyuki and the god are interested in even mundane human things, and don’t really know what they are. This could cause nearby people to stare or intervene.

Scene 4 [evening; festival grounds] Koyuki and the god are interested in things here too: the games and the food. Neither of them have any real money with them, the god might conjure an illusion if the PCs don’t decide that’s immoral.

The story ends with the fireworks.